knitting knitting knitting! i stopped in to the old/new Ball & Skein today to drool over yarn. cashmere, alpaca, silk.

dribble dribble.dribble.

now i am on their mailing list. the old owner didn’t have a mailing list only an old dog and so much yarn in the shop it would caress and envelop and sing sweetly in my ear and made me sad i only had two hands and not nearly enough money or time to knit it all.

today i’m thinking about chandeliers.  after the dishwasher shed blood to bring those lights down, my best effort has only yielded a string of lights scattered on a window sill. but now…

now the chandelier has wormed it’s way into my brain and i’m thinking of expanding on this idea…

From Planting Along The Verge

something i made for em’s room when she went away to school.  only the barbie leg survived the

whole experience.

probably i won’t get it to it for a while but soon…

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