style 100

From Planting Along The Verge

i’ve been playing with images since yesterday. i’ve had a dress cut and ready to sew since…
a few weeks already?  
can that be?
for some reason sewing doesn’t appeal at the moment.  
only knitting and 

that will do for now.


  1. oh, my, I used to HATE to finish dresses…maybe to finish anything, but mostly dresses…
    but the voice of the devil spoke to me recently, suggesting that I get a small sewing machine and finish some quilts. I hope I quiet the voice
    and you keep on with images…
    happy day!


  2. there's something about knitting and winter, I think…

    I like the collage and what it has to say about woman-ness and packages and sewing and gifts and objects — perhaps the negative connotations embedded there are what keeps you from making a dress right now?


  3. Thanks Dee,
    knitting and winter do go together most definitely and you may be right about the collage. these little exercises are usually spot on for me though they are done “mindlessly”, without intent.
    or so it would seem.


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