salad time
once a week i have lunch with my songstress friend. we’ve been at it for a good many years.  i’ve grown gray while her hair remains exactly the same as when we first met.  she always always orders the small salad and a glass of wine in a coffee mug (don’t ask!) and i always order something huge and delicious like the chili rellenos or the stuffed eggplant or the spicy calamari along with a glass of wine in a regular glass.  we (almost) always go to the same place. the proprietress has become a friend and some days, like today she brings us a special treat  and stops and talks story with us.  
a ritual.  
like these little collages are becoming. this one has part of a recipe (for a salad) from an old old cookbook. the paper so old it was  disintegrating while i glued it and the two children in cowboy costume!  where are they now?  i’m pretty sure they’re not meeting regularly for lunch. is one of them a song writer?
i’m working on a book to keep them in. nothing fancy but something worthy.


I'm listening

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