today i am thinking about my hyoid bone. and yours. it floats in our necks and makes speech and language possible.  without them we’d only be able to grunt at each other.  which isn’t necessarily a bad thing sometimes.  
this is one of the things i love about yoga.
it makes me not only think about these bones and ligaments and fascia but it makes me try and feel them and how they work and what they do or don’t do. i’m a baby learning about my own body all over again.
childs pose
this may be the ugliest baby you’ve ever seen but i like him.
he’s sitting on his mother’s lap.  it is an unfinished stitchery from way back. it appeared yesterday when i was looking for something in a basket and i’ve been carrying it around thinking i might finish it but most likely i will not and i’m thinking that’s alright.  i’m thinking finished is a crazy concept. 


I'm listening

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