we started this new year as we start almost every weekend morning,

with a walk on the ranch.  i consider it an auspicious beginning that we ran into a young russian girl

shepherding a hobo looking dog and four basset hounds one of which she informed us was autistic.  i wondered for a moment if she meant artistic. maybe he paints or sings. but no she repeated it. “he’s autistic, don’t be frightened if he barks at you”. she also had a leopard skin snugglie with a shitzu in it.

it reminded me of the time we were hiking on Maui and ran into a very tall black man wearing a sarong and carrying a staff. granted we had eaten some stinky ass mushrooms that time but still.  those moments. they are transcendent.  

last week we found this in a tree there. 

From Planting Along The Verge


  1. I've always thought that odd things in trees (I found a hula hoop last year and not my first tree hula hoop either) are actually portals. This looks like the most interesting portal ever.


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