From Planting Along The Verge

now that Raja and Cassius are gone the wild creatures are trying to come in.
there were raccoon tracks on the back deck and i saw a cat strolling back there like he’s deciding whether to move in or not. he must be the one that dug up one of my potted plants.  lu will not be of any use as she doesn’t care about boundaries and property.  only butt petting.  she barks on rare occasions but mostly she’ll invite you in and bring you her toys one by one.  when she does go out she likes to get up on the lounge chair and take the sun. it worries me as our house backs up to wilderness for miles and miles and miles.  at night we hear coyotes and sometimes foxes and even the wily cow.  we also have mountain lions and zebras. yes, zebras thanks to mr randolph hearst who decided he wanted a zoo.


  1. Today i saw a Zebra
    Grazing by the sea
    A butterfly called the Monarch
    A gold and crimson tree
    Have I found a magic place
    where butterflies are kings?

    I think so.


  2. zebras?!! I envy you your wildlife! since our town got new garbage cans, even the raccoons have split… and love the description of your dog… if only we ALL gave up our cares about property to focus on being patted and pet!


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