From Planting Along The Verge
on our way home yesterday i stopped in Harmony, population 18. it’s 8 miles down the road from us but i hadn’t stopped in years.  someone bought the town a few years back and almost all the shopkeepers left shortly after.  it wasn’t his plan for a slaughterhouse that drove everyone away but apparently he was difficult to get along with.  the pottery studio is still there and so is the glass studio but the post office open in 1910, closed down two years ago.  there is a chapel still in use.  a beautiful little spot.  
i think this door way was the back of the Harmony Pasta Factory.
an appropriate image for me today. 
i don’t know whether to knock softly or pound on it with closed fists.  do i even want to go through? is my reluctance cowardice, inertia or fear? all of the above?
 something i heard on Alan Watt’s podcast the other day keeps ringing a bell.
“the mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced.”  


  1. Someone bought the town??? You can buy a town????
    Where on earth do you live!!!! In Massachusetts, you can't buy towns…
    what is California coming to..
    a reality to be experienced. I guess that's whether we want to or not, huh?


  2. That's a gorgeous photo. And so full of mystery indeed. And kind of terrible in a way because if you go in that door with the light are you going forward or backward? Ahh, I have a fondness for photos of doorways and arches and gates and alleys and tunnels all portals in their ways I guess. I think you have a great gift in finding portals. You would be a terrific travel partner.


  3. Too bad. I used to go to Harmony and mail cards, just to have the postmark. Lovely picture, wonderful quote. Now I have to find out who Alan Watt is…..


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