From Planting Along The Verge
from Tulle’s Receipts Nineteenth Century Plantation Plain Style Southern Cooking and Living
“without close neighbors to offer frequent advice, whether requested or not, the lady of each house kept a written record of helpful hints she learned from experience, read in newspapers, or learned from relatives or her infrequent visitors.   Some of the hints are quite clever though impractical by today’s standards because of expense: few people these days are able to afford to put black walnut shelves in kitchen cabinets to keep ants away.  Other hints do not particularly apply to our era of advanced technology.  Today one can buy a small, inexpensive night light to plug into a socket, in lieu of knowing how to make a candle burn all night.”
 in this era of advanced technology one can find this
to finish this scarf to perfection.
the method worked so well i used it on a scarf i knit last year that i have always been disappointed in because of the curling issue. 
thank you Salihan!


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