From Planting Along The Verge
we’ve been losing power intermittently and our modem died yesterday. i spent the entire day internetless!  the horror!
instead of the internets i’ve been looking at all our photos. we now have over 7000.  this is three of them. smooshed together.
the internet fixer came this morning and lu rubbed her butt all over him while he was working.  gentleman that he was he didn’t mention it or push her away but i finally had to bribe her with treats and lock her in the bedroom. she needs to get out more.

me too.  
this is day 546 of this storm.  power is out over much of the town.  grocery store has been closed two days now and the hillsides are melting.

i read and ate and cooked a vile meal.  somedays nothing works right. my dear dishwasher would say that nothing could make tempeh work right but i disagree.  i like tempeh i love tempeh. i just have to learn to do nice things to it.


  1. …let it snow, let it snow…! Ahh–in the desert, the Joshua Trees look like powdered sugar has been sifted over their pointy spines! I'm smug because this time I planned, did errands, shopped and prepared–on Tuesday! I believed the weather reports. Oh–I also updated my earthquake kit…..chaos is always lurking!
    Hope you get out soon!! allene


  2. Sigh…the kit gives me a false sense of being “in control”, relieves some smaller anxieties and, if I have a bad hair day, I can always eat the stuff in my kit instead of going to the supermarket. But, as you say, “I'm not fooled”. When it's my turn…?!?

    ***So…can you eat the clay? Cool! Must be like “wine in a box”…har, har.



  3. When Camille Claudel was forced into a the Ville-Évrard mental hospital by her poet-brother, she packed her suitcase with clay that she scraped from the banks of the Seine with her hands.xo


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