it’s finally stopped raining and the sun is out and the sky is blue and lu is now 
frenchy pectoralis.
fresh and clean after a mud walk
and a bubble bath.

the sofa and a movie in front of the fire beckons.

in my dream this morning my life
poof! gone with no trace. no forwarding address. i was left curled up in a little ball of anguish sobbing some where in south korea.

now i think of it. that actually did happen.  i felt something like
that when i moved to south korea. not quite so end of the world terrible but close. packing all your shit and moving someplace you’ve never seen and getting there and hating it more than anything.  that’s pretty bad

but in the end. i wound up with Tearful.
and frenchy pectoralis.
life ain’t all bad.


  1. “i was left curled up in a little ball of anguish sobbing some where in south korea.”

    I am so so sorry to read this.. (and when I say things I mean them truely) I myself had spent years post 911solareclipse in a bottle
    of charles scwabb..

    I had heard of things like this from people in passing on the street, cousins been like this only to find someone to help with the language instituteing just one believeing.but there was never a face to connect, just stories from 2nd hands strange people on the street, and I would feel for them but like many had my own problems imposed on me at the time not knowing whywho they really were. on another note though A cousin contacted me this yr and said she finally found a good comfortable place, though distant, she and her husband are in UK.. I also get a lot of mail for this art dealer manwhom I am not familiar.. though i read his wife jen? died of CA several yrs ago, in a local magazine it's such a small town i delivered that wrong address mail to his place of business being i had seen the master shingle previously.. his photo reminded me of a man in the moon!!….

    anyway , good to know you are in a good place, though it my seem like germany with a french twist.. at least maybe it won't stink. after a while.


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