toe in the water
this morning’s stitches.
 not much of that going on lately.
my juice is dry and i’m going with that.
yesterday i sat in the yard looking at all the work that needs doing and though not exactly content with not doing, i went with it. lu and i sitting cheek to cheek. 
just looking.
i’m going with that.


  1. no plan is a good plan…. it's january, still darker, colder, wetter, and even the season is yet to even think about change so maybe a signal. actually our snowdrop has made an appearance and a few yellow crocus. you'll know the right time to dig in. sounded enjoyable just looking.


  2. Hello Yo landa!

    for a minute there yesterday i thought You were Me!… as if i were a little potted snap-dragon looking in a vanity mirror…except the sloggs MY naturally strawberry blondy daughter gave my are GREEN! unlike all my thumbs..

    yeah, i'ma go with it kinda person too, cept when getting one of those facials where they use a stiff brush all the way down my chest.. ouch!

    weeding clover i'm just not into pulling weeds either… besides the dandylions need more time before they can be breathed upon..



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