february 4, 2010
teeth and bones
teeth and bones
is that a strange thing to have a collection of?
i really don’t know. 
i have old watches, twisted and rusted pieces of wire, fortune cookies and three little metal crowns.  
i don’t know for sure what’s strange and what isn’t anymore.
and it still hasn’t rained but it will.
 i can taste it.
i can feel it in my bones.



  1. I used to have a few bird skulls, not a collection, really, and yes, teeth. But metal crowns? That's intriguing, I must say! (I'm picturing crowns of the royal variety here, not the dental…)

    “Normal” vs. strange: one of the advantages of not being in my twenties (or thirties or forties) anymore is that is doesn't matter. When my sons tell me I'm weird, I say, “Thank-you!”

    Happy weekend to you!


  2. I was just looking at the shelf behind my sink and thinking that I should make a pinehole images of this strange jawbone that I found down the block…it must have belonged to a pig… I have Krissy tiny teeth in a little vial…and I have the tooth of a dog that my father saved when he was a box. It's in a small box, but the top is falling a part.


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