february 13, 2010

the first doll i ever made is dead somewhere.
i dumped her and never looked back because she was a hideous thing. huge and lumpy with a deformed looking head.

this is the second doll i made and she has been and continues to be well loved by myself and my daughter.
em added the hearts on the hands. her purple
braids have turned green and tattered at the tips and still she enchants me.

she lays on the studio floor along with all the other toys i have been playing with today. i’m too tired and cranky to go pick up after myself.  like some overtired toddler whose parent will have to go pick up after them. 

i’ll have to parent myself in the morning. 


  1. thank you Lisa and welcome.
    i've always had difficulty rendering the eyes so my girl is always sleeping or meditating. the lips are a different story. i like stitching lips.
    popped over to your beautiful blog, talk about inspiring!


  2. oh, beautiful, beautiful doll…beautiful, beautiful…

    I made my daughter and her friends dolls from a pattern, wool hair…horrible big heads, different color skins… soon after that my daughter threw all her dolls out of the window, not only that one, and I retrieved some of them wondering whether I should second-guess her grand four-year-old gesture…


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