February 19, 2010

last night my phone rang
while i was in a deep heavy sleep and though i went to sleep expecting the call by the time it came my body had long been abandoned, thrown into a dark mossy well. i was an enormous barnacle covered whale of a thing slithering through mud. it took about a month to discover and operate my arm and then there were words i had to form and though i could sense them floating around in my mind i couldn’t quite reach them and when finally i did my mouth seemed to be lined with felt. i had questions but almost as soon as i thought them i lost interest, all i wanted was to go back into that mossy cave but of course i couldn’t.
i hate when that happens.
this morning my ring tone is on continuous play in my head and i’m afraid it’s going to wear tiny holes in my skull and what’s left of my brain will seep out, so i’m looking for a new ring tone.


I'm listening

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