February 24, 2010
the rain we had been promised for a week finally arrived last night washing away all the yellow pine pollen that was covering town and beating down the tulips that were blooming in the front yard. i cut them and brought them inside this morning and now instead of hanging their closed little heads they’re wide open. that’s what they do right before they die so i’m not sure bringing them in was such a good idea but they are still stunning.

meanwhile lu is still in her new box bed and refuses to get out this morning. she’s spent more time in that bed since we brought it home on saturday than she has out and now that it’s raining there is little chance of coaxing her out unless i get a crane to lift and deposit her outside or i’ll just wait for the dishwasher to come lift her. she looks small but she weighs 5 tons easy especially when she doesn’t want to move. that’s her super power. she can make herself extremely heavy.

also arriving last night.



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