March 2, 2010
Town Tour

Mustache Pete’s on Center Street
that’s all I’ll say about that.

the bead store down the street where Milo lives.  He hates Lu more than anything and when she walks by he lets the world know about it.

Pizza joint down the street and not that we ever went there but now we never will because El Weepy makes the best pizza on the planet.  I’m not kidding.
Wild Ginger best Calamari in town and where I don’t have to look at the menu and can pick up food for take-out in my jammies.

also she has these beautiful trees on her deck.
and this guy.
The Cambria Drug Store for all your rubber duck needs.  
I don’t quite know what to say about that.  
Where else are you going to find a Michael Jackson as Thriller rubber duck?
Recently restored Bianchini House now the Cambria Historical Society. 
The Squibb House B & B 

Come Visit


  1. thanks for the nickel tour;)inthe pink
    i'm fixin to divorce some two-timin
    ideas of my own here pretty slo
    wanna borrow my paddle
    njoy yor stay



  2. sigh…..wish i was there right now!
    when i see a john belushi rubber ducky, i know the town has all that's required. actually, i think you're the lucky ducky, just because you live there!
    thanks for the tour…


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