March 8, 2010
I have the week off from work and planned on spending it doing a Spring Cleaning inside and out. Lots of yoga and some gardening and sewing and reading and no Martinis or Parsons Flat wine or Pizza or potato chips.
I’ll see how long I can stand that.
I started out with an early walk with Lu up to the Santa Rosa Cemetery and then some weeding in the driveway so that we can now open our back door!  Then I went to a Meditation and Movement class, I’ve never ever moved so slowly and deliberately in my life. It was awkward at first and you’d think moving so slowly and minimally would be easy but it wasn’t. I was exhausted with the effort but I felt like I could be one of those Chinese Tai Chi ladies in the park in San Francisco.
It’s finally Spring in my head. I felt it move in this morning while pulling out the Plantain and trimming the Mexican Sage. I started to think about putting some pots on the cement pad under the kitchen window and filling them with the Allium bulbs I found tossed in a plastic pot by the compost pile and started to wonder what we should plant in the window box and is it too soon to hang the hammock? 



  1. It's never too early for the hammock. For spring.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful week planned! But no martinis etc.??!!
    Good luck. That would be a hard one.


  2. It's 6:20am, I live in the desert and it's SNOWING!
    So much for the tomato plants and violas I planted last week….they're now frosty popsicles!
    Can I come sit in your hammock?


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