March 8 2010
Sunday Garden Tour on Monday
Foxgloves, violas, sweet woodruff, snapdragons all have been planted in the corner under the birch tree but all have failed to thrive.  Water being one problem and stomping the other. When the hedge is trimmed that area is difficult to manage.
Presently it is filling in with Nigella which is lovely, or it could be Allysum also lovely and tends to settle itself in quite nicely. 
I can’t remember what this beauty is called but we call her Felicia and she’s back blooming in that pot on the front steps, a cheerful welcome home.
 The Cerinthe blooming in the front window! I’m very happy to see her there in between our two Iceberg Roses with Allysum and Jupiter’s Beard and Tulips and Daffodils. It’s a beautiful sight to come home to.
This bed I now call officially CAREFREE.  

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