Sunday Garden Tour
Tulips in the front window, still hanging on and more coming up!
The cerinthe has filled in and replaced the penstemon. I love this carefree jumble of calendula, jupiter’s beard,tulips, roses and allium. This front patch feels like it’s made itself. We planted two iceberg roses and I threw in some cerinthe seeds and planted a few tulip bulbs but other than that I’ve had nothing else to do with it.
One sad looking tulip and a very curious daffodil. This bed has also come together with not much planning. I threw out some love-in-a-mist seeds and tulip bulbs. The perfect combination. Once the bulbs are done the nigella will be in bloom.
The wisteria surprised us today. Last I looked it was just tight little buds. How beautiful it looks and smells with all the lilies.

House tour here

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