April 4, 2010

Sunday Garden Tour

Weed?  I don’t know, maybe, but it is beautiful and I’m not pulling it out. It’s growing on the fence next to the hammock. Looks like some kind of Geranium to me.  

Collard greens flowering now and maybe past their good eating time?
The tulips under the maple still doing their thing. Sometimes they look as though they’re done and when I look again, they look like they’re just getting started.  And the maple tree…
always late for the party but always makes a grand entrance.

A chunk of the Hearst Castle given to me by a friend who used to work up there.

Lady and the wrench.
Shoes made it through the winter and look just fine.

One of the many soccer balls that magically make their way into our yard, no one ever comes to claim them and not one frog has moved into the little house we’ve provided. 
The geranium propagated from Jim’s bush next door cozying up to the lemon balm.

Tulip in the front yard. 
More rain expected today and tomorrow and next weekend.
I’m proud of myself for waiting out March and not buying or planting anything and have only purchased a few succulents for under the plum tree and a hydrangea for the driveway.
House Tour Here


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