May 12, 2010

The bug stitching grew into this,

I loved every minute of stitching these.
The mad stitching continues with bouts of machine stitching, clothes mostly. Yesterday I sewed a shirt with collar, something I’ve tried before with terrible results. Those pointy collars are a nightmare. I struggled and finally did it though it isn’t perfect, my points are… slightly roundish. I learned how to do it and I’m ready for shirt number two which will require my leaving the house to purchase suitable fabric.  I’m making a good dent in my stash though and over in the 


  1. oh, I love what the bug stitching moved into..
    and I also like the sense of the separate panels which look, at first glance, like it's been folded and gotten oldish which adds a nice quality.

    I remember learning something about collars a hundred years ago and that one component was how you pushed something-or-other in to turn the collar so that it came out pointed…I forget what that device was, but knitting needle comes to mind..

    good for you…whose wearing the shirt?
    thank you, Madam Verge


  2. Amazing!! I love these delicate images – they give off this wonderful feeling of attention and care and love for the natural world!



  3. Melissa, that's what i was going for…oldish, many tea bags were sacrificed in the making of this product and the shirt is for myself and it's finished and lovely!
    Thank you.
    ps. the knitting needle is the perfect tool for that turning of the collar. if you're very very careful!


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