May 17, 2010

It was a chilly weekend.
 Chilly enough for knitting socks by the fire and Chicken and Dumpling soup and many many episodes of 24. 
Jack Bauer Jack Bauer.

The sewing marathon came to an abrupt end because the studio was too chilly and there are too many projects to finish, no excitement in that and I am still bathing in the glow of my finished jacket/tunic/shirt. Did I mention I made the buttons for this one as well as binding each and every seam and hand sewing all the top stitching?  Well, I’ll probably mention it again because I’m so proud of myself! And there will be pictures at some point but for now there are garden pics here 
and a quick trip to the Big City to get ready for!



  1. love this piece!
    and, I envision myself sewing by-hand again one day. Making scarves or something from my little trailer as I tootle around in my old age. Selling them at little craft fairs to pay for food and gas. Not a bad picture of old age without a retirement plan!


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