June 15, 2010

The quiet time may be over.

It’s hard to tell for sure but there is a new man in town who spends his days walking up and down Main Street rolling a huge cross on wheels and screaming, I don’t know what, he may be preaching or it may just be the cross that makes me think that. He stopped yesterday in front of our house for a while and fortunately Tearful was home. No blood was shed but I’m certain he won’t stop by again and not because he wasn’t greeted cordially because Tearful is always cordial until you give him reason to be otherwise.
Also I’m going to lunch today for the first time in weeks and weeks and I may go for a haircut and maybe an afternoon walk and I feel some stitching coming on and not of the wearable variety. All these things make me

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think something is afoot.



  1. There was a man with a huge cross on wheels here a few years ago. He used to walk around the lake. He scared me as all zealots scare me. I wondered where he got off too…

    I hope what you're feeling turns out to be something so fantastic and wonderful you never could have dreamed it.


    ps the wings the arrow the wings are stunning


  2. we just have a fellow with long hair and colorful shirts and while pants who walks by, and by, and by, and by. it's probably medication that keeps him walking, very carefully, avoiding other people by a very clearly organized path around them…
    thank you…


  3. only one?

    there are usually a couple wandering around our tiny town, they never stay long, the weather isn't as nice as just a few miles further south.
    i haven't seen cross man, he may be gone by now.
    thank you Melissa.


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