June 17, 2010

The Alium and the Iceberg Rose have fallen in love.
I can’t wait to see their babies.

That’s the most exciting thing happening in the front yard these days and meanwhile in the backyard the gophers have taken control. All those cats that used to wander around are nowhere to be seen. Maybe the gophers ate them. 
Anyway, they are having quite a party back there, mounds of chewed earth everywhere and one of their favorite activities aside from eating all my lettuces, is digging up the tulip bulbs and leaving them strewn about like empty beer cans. 
I can’t bear to call the gopher killer. He’s not long for this world with all those dead gophers blood on his hands, not to mention whatever horrible chemicals he uses day after day. He has no white in his eyes, only red and he likes to talk. Alot. Mostly about the many ways to kill gophers. 
I can’t have it. I’ve decided to let them have it all. Next year I’ll plant in big tubs.  
I’ve lost most of my gardening mojo it seems. I water and I weed but I have no desire to feed the gophers any more than I have to. If they don’t eat them, we’ll have some tomatoes and cauliflower. 


  1. Gorgeous blog, great writing and love the pictures and understated typography … came across you on paradisexpress blog



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