June 18, 2010

Last night I dreamed we were moving into a  house near a lake. I stepped into the lake and standing on a rock next to me, just under the surface was what looked like an elephant with wings about the size of a rabbit.  It swam towards me and then away. It wanted to play with me! I chased it around, out of the water and through a playground. I was wearing a short dress and I could run very fast and when he flew over a fence, I didn’t hesitate a moment, I easily scaled that fence but he got away. I was telling someone about it and he said “oh that’s a something or other, I can’t remember now what he called it.

What a happy dream! My dreams are usually so boring or sad except for that one about you Allene being skinny and demonstrating yoga with your dog! Tearful always has the most amazing fantastical dreams. I want to visit his dreams except for the fighting fighting ones or the ones with celebrities, unless its with Val Kilmer or Abraham Lincoln or the ones where he’s about to die.

Now I’ll have to go see what the winged elephant could mean. 



I'm listening

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