June 25, 2010

The gophers have got me down, it’s true but the lavender keeps going and there are sweet peas blooming though they don’t seem to smell as sweet as past years.


The hydrangea are very happy in this pot on the back deck and so far the ones in the ground haven’t been disturbed and all are budding.

It looks like they’ve been digging around the tomato and the cauliflower but the plants are still standing. I’m taking that as a good sign and am grateful for what is given.


  1. Ah yes – the sweet P's stink..
    depending what you feed them..

    I know my pj 's get gamey if worn
    moore than a night.

    … peace and praise the annon post
    you are IT! and More!

    My wife is off taking care of a sick friend or i'd have her comment on this real estate listing == I'm just restoring a few old cars in my spare time so I have it.

    love –



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