August 3, 2010

The time has come to dig up and move this Agapanthus that has lived by our front door since we moved here thousands of years ago.
The front yard isn’t what it used to be, a picket fenced, sun filled flower basket. It’s a secret shady
green room and an Agapanthus
has no business there. As with the
Mutabilis, I couldn’t imagine any
human being capable of actually digging it up and moving it but since witnessing that event, I 
now know anything can and will be
moved if I so decree it.
I’ve got the power. Not on
me, but near me. Living in the same house. 

No matter how many times I yank out this Nasturtium, without my  noticing, it creeps back in and depending on how you look at it, 
can seem either threatening to strangle that poor Buddha who is losing it’s head,or gently
embracing him.  

I’m not a hater. I like the
Nasturtium. I like that it
does it’s thing with no effort on 
my part other than yanking it out
when it gets too crazy. That’s my kind of plant.

The newly planted bed in front of Buff Beauty is doing…not much.
The Lychnis hasn’t put on one
centimeter of growth and neither have the Scabiosa or the Peruvian Lily. I’m just happy they’re 
alive. Behind them, to the right
is a Pineapple Sage which has yet to flower this year, but since it’s real charm is the fragrance of pineapple in the leaves, the flowers are not that big a deal.

As always, the critters come to the yard to loll about or hide as is the case with the critter above. After a romp in the ocean, it’s always best to hide as soon as one gets home or to look 
really threatening.


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