August 9, 2010
OK LA, I don’t hate you anymore. I almost love you.
I loved the AK47 lamp and the Holocaust memorial, I loved Gail’s house even though I didn’t sleep well, her house was a work of art.  I loved the woman pushing her two dogs in a stroller through Nordstroms, I loved the cheese and meat plate and the calamari and martinis we had at the Whisper Lounge and that the maitre d came over and asked if I was Chantal.  I loved that my daughter loves us again, especially her father. I loved how she looked at him and how happy she was to see us and that she shared the earrings I gave her with her friend Julie. I loved her friend Danielle who made me laugh. Hard. 

I love the dishes we splurged on, it made the rustic plum cake taste even better and I didn’t think that was possible. 

I love being home.

And did I mention, how much I love
you Mr Dishwasher?


I'm listening

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