September 1, 2010

Well, that’s done.
I hung my stitches at the library. 
They don’t look good. I didn’t do 
a very good job of hanging them either and now I’m worried some of 
the bigger pieces may fall off the walls. Since that won’t break them
 I guess I’ll just stop worrying now and move on.
A Big Thank you to the lovely
Miss G for doing such a beautiful
house tour on her stunning and inspiring blog,
Of Peacocks and Paisley. 
Tour here.


  1. Your house and your gardens are so beautiful so intensely creative that they make me happy just knowing that they're out there that they exist as art as a testament to the goodness of people who love what grows what is lost and then found and what is funny without being overt.



  2. Radish, we have the books and the dust, and not the cat puking but the dog leaves a stench and an unholy cloud. We try not to photograph those things.
    We dream of a visit from you someday. The bed is not terribly comfy but the coffee is superb and the pizza will make you swoon.


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