I was inspired by a little

zippered case tutorial here and 
while going through the studio to post something here, I came up with this….

It’s not what I submitted to 
it may be my new camera bag.


  1. Jeeze you make such beautiful things. I've been knitting one long row of different colored yarns for several years now. It doesn't look like anything. I know how to embroider but I've been embroidering a small table runner for over 30 years. I usually don't have problems finishing things. Double jeeze.

    I used to make dresses for concerts (all black all the time) with the old Singer sewing machine I stole from my mother's house. I was good at it. I got so I could whip up a dress without a pattern. Then the sewing machine died and it's the last one I've touched.



  2. Thank you Rebecca. I've got a blanket I've been making for over a year and there are some other things tucked away…but you've got me beat with the table runner.

    “like a little bit of saffron in the sauce but just a wee little bit”

    adds just the right hint of color too.


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