I paid my bet, though the Monk gave me the death look when the waitress came back and said they were out of blueberries and
For a moment I thought he might make me find another diner but he had mercy on me and settled for bananas after asking
If they would put the bananas in the batter but that if they did they had to be done a certain way or else the batter wouldn’t
Cook right.
I left her a good tip.

Today we went to FIT where they have a textile gallery right next to the botanical garden and the weather was just fine. It’s been
That way since we arrived. Still no rainstorm.
We enjoyed the exhibit of Latin American textiles and took a stroll through the garden afterwards.We saw big turtles in the lake, they swam up close looking for food.I’m ready to go home though I’m dreading the leaving.

One comment

  1. Spent last week in your home city and the visit surpassed even my very high expectations. Tim says “hi”!
    I'm glad you've kept us posted on your activities while away…very vivid flavor with some dramatic undertones.
    Hurry home!
    I'm thinking the Dishwasher & Lu are missing you!
    Juicy kiss…allene


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