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Quan Yin

I am almost home.

My stomach is fluttery, I am 16 again.

These last hours we’re spending with the rest of the family,
This house filled with light and the smell of cigar smoke and
Soapy incense. The Monk sits tying his endless knots, chanting
And the salsa plays in the background. It all works. This world
Accommodates all things.

Last night they took us to an Indian/French fusion restaurant.
In this world, it all works. If you visit Deland, Fl. Go there.

I can hardly breath I am so anxious to be home!


  1. My God! You were in DELAND FL??? I didn't think anyone outside of FL knew about that place!

    I got here through a weird series of connections which started with Maggie May, which led me to The Dishwasher, which led me here.

    You're writing is so visual and visceral. I am going to have to catch up here too!


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