I am home.
Elated and grateful with a wedge of sadness. 
My heart is wrinkled with sadness over leaving my Mom alone. It’s only been a couple days so I’m  not settled in. I’ve got this floaty feeling, like there is no ground upon which to stand.

My house gleams like a jewel. 
The stove looks brand new!
The bulldog looks as though 
she’s been spoiled rotten.
Sleeping on the bed and eating bon bons.

I want nothing more than to crawl between the cloud of covers that is our bed and stare at the Dishwasher’s magnificent painting.


  1. “My heart is wrinkled with sadness over leaving my mom alone.”

    Wow. That's what it really feels like.

    Just found you through the dishwasher and am enjoying browsing here. Your mom is lucky to have a daughter who cares as you do.

    Welcome home.


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