I still have not landed back in my life. 
I am now floating in a sea of snot.
Last night I slept with my contacts on my eyeballs.
I don’t recommend it.

We have a house guest for the foreseeable future.  
It’s not a dog.


  1. I read over at the Dishwasher's that you have a cold. I hate it when people say just a cold because they're rotten miserable things to have. I hope you have sunshine if you like that sort of thing and good food and a hot or cold toddy and something good to read and time to just lay around looking beautiful and intelligent.

    If you were at my house I'd make you some minestrone and an apple drizzled with salted caramel and some orange juice then I'd build a big assed fire because it's cold here then I'd make some tea in my Alice in Wonderland tea pot then I'd put my grandmother's Texas Star quilt around you and read some Charles Dickens out loud.




  2. Thank you Rebecca!
    Being sick at your house sounds just fine. I'm especially enamored of the Alice in Wonderland tea pot and Grandmother's quilt!
    I am feeling better though I can now only hear out of one ear.


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