December 20, 2010
 It’s done and it only took over a year! I actually don’t remember when I started this, it may be two years.
 Or more.
I’m glad it’s done and I’m glad that I like it again after thinking I’d have to give it away because I hated it.
After watching a few movies wrapped up in it, I kind of love
it now.


  1. That is my favorite granny squares afghan that I've ever seen. It is gorgeous! The colors are perfect.
    I find homemade afghans in the Goodwill but the colors are so hideous that even my tender heart which wants to bring home the things made by hand because…well, someone made them…cannot fathom doing so.
    But that one- damn. Okay. I'm going to get out the crochet needle.
    I will.


  2. Thank you Ms Moon!
    I too gaze at those unfortunate blankets at the Goodwill and I'm always tempted no matter how horrendous the color choices. I know someone out there is looking at this one and wondering if perhaps I'm blind.


  3. Jaihn! Thank you, I know you've been bitten by the crochet bug as well, your chunky blanket looks just like mine! I'll have to post a pic. I hadn't seen yours until just this minute.It's gorgeous. My reader hasn't been picking up your posts!


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