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Is it wrong to do yoga while watching day of the damned?maybe…Is it yoga if you’re just lying there?I’m finding it difficult to do more than that. Today we went to the cemetery to put plastic flowers on my grandmother’s grave, something my Mom tried to get me to do last time I was here. I didn’t have the heart to refuse her again though I honestly do not see the point of this other than it makes my Mom feel better. Afterwards she wanted to go shopping and again I couldn’t refuse even though I felt like I might faint. She doesn’t get out much.Tomorrow is going to be a long day.I’m homesick already. I think it’s mostly because I feel like a crap sandwich and it’s making me cranky and my mother’s kitchen is the most uncomfortable kitchen I’ve ever seen and ….I miss my furry beasts. especially the tall handsome one.


  1. I went to the doctor with my mother today. She had thought she was going to make an appointment for surgery to get both knees replaced. The PA said, “I hope I have X-Rays like that of my knees when I'm 83.”
    Why wouldn't you be homesick? Why wouldn't you miss those furry beasts? I'm going to go gather mine up right now. I like thinking you are in my state, Ms. Woman. Sleep well. I hope.


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