It finally rained. Hard. No thunder though. My Mom had her surgery and all went well. She’s been wobbly but resting and healing nicely though she does look like she’s been beaten with a stick. I’m an incompetent nurse, I misplace her meds and panic ( on the inside) when I think I might accidentally hurt her but she doesn’t mind, I sit and watch her novellas and she fills me in on the back story. Such evil women, bouncing ample boobage around in Fredric’s of Hollywood dresses. She told me about finding empty church offering envelopes under my mattress when I was a kid and I told her how My friend Louise and I would go to the Diner for breakfast instead of church. I don’t remember stashing the envelopes and wonder why I didn’t just toss them. So that’s how I roll. I dreamt I was kissing Lu on the lips.

From Drop Box

because……. just look at that face!


  1. So glad that everything went well, hooray – I'm wishing your mother well.

    When I sat in the hospital with my mother there was a special on TV and we watched Everybody loves Raymond together for about 5 hours straight, it was mindless and soothing, no pressure just being there, mind distracted, next to each other and all the while I was thinking about her body healing, willing it, amidst the tubes and drips and meds. This is a good thing you are doing.


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