it’s so quiet here this morning. I love that.

and beautiful! I think we’ll go to the beach for a short stroll.

this beach where we walked endless hours with our screaming wild woman.
remember those days Scott? The lounge “chairs” we’d carve out of the sand?
That was just before the wild woman made her entrance and I was a beached whale.
that house we lived in is gone, so is the bar. Not a trace of it left.

A big wave out to you Miss A who so kindly stopped to visit my beasties yesterday ;0)

three more nights!

From Drop Box


  1. I talked & talked his trapped little head off (ya gotta remember, I haven't spoken to anyone in a week…) and he did me the courtesy of looking interested. (I think he must be VERY good at his job!)
    Lu shared her toys with me and allowed me to scratch her butt…I felt blessed!
    Great image…!!
    Hurry home.
    Hurry home


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