Happy Valentine’s Day!
We’ll have to celebrate on Thursday through
June. k?

It’s been quite a day, just got back from Orlando. That endless drive…
nothing but swamp and brown palm trees. I think elephants would be a fine
addition to this landscape.

I hadn’t seen the ghost since I got here but I felt it last night. Maybe she
just stops in to say good bye?

two more nights…

From Drop Box

con todo mi corazon.


  1. Hey Crazy-

    Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry we can't be together, but Thursday through June sounds like a DATE!

    Elephants only if you can't get real dinosaurs.

    I haven't seen the Ghost either, but I've been thinking about her the whole time you've been gone.

    She has staying power.

    Love this piece. I'm so thrilled you are doing this stuff. You're going to be crazy go nuts.

    I love you.


  2. The playing cards spelling out 'love' make me smile. The image, the girl, the crow in her upturned hand, make me wonder~~?
    ~~a somewhat mysterious Valentine's Day card…?

    Your work is wonderful. Thanks.

    Here's a toast to celebrations that last from Thurs to June!!



  3. I do love the way you two commit art and love, too.
    I know that drive you speak of and I have always expected dinosaurs to lumber out of the hammocks. I did when I was a child and I still do now.


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