All the Novellas and Criminal Minds I’ve been watching are taking their toll. I had a nightmare last night involving Mexican gangstas. They kidnapped my Lu! Goddamn jerky bastards!
That was the Monk’s father’s favorite curse. That and motherfuckin’ son of a lesbian bitch,
have a certain twisted ring to them that I find useful and horrifying.
Both so insulting on so many levels.

Anyway. I find it fascinating that Criminal Minds is on television at any hour of the day. It’s a horrific show about FBI profilers that you Tearful, would hate but that I find compelling even though it’s giving me nightmares and making me miss all the armaments normally available to me.

Sometimes I’m just not right.

but I don’t judge.

at least not too harshly.

The guilt over leaving my Mom is settling in along with the crazy joy I feel about going home.
This is the hell of it, it all moves into my heart and there ain’t nothing for it.

one more night.

From Drop Box


  1. Thanks Kristin!
    These are done on an Ipad using an app called Brushes, it's like a very bare bones Photoshop that I like for that very reason.
    This whole series was so fun and so captivating. I'm looking forward to getting back to it someday!


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