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Is there anything sweeter?

Nope, there just isn’t.

I’m done for. Tearful has learned how to make calamari….it’s all over now, there is no reason to ever go anywhere again. I’m just staying here in bed until he makes it again.
It’s pouring down buckets and he and Lu just left for walkies on the ranch since they are both such brave souls.

Guilt and Joy.

Mostly Joy.

Thank you!

From Drop Box


  1. Ms Moon…
    spring has arrived here, daffodils blooming everywhere!
    Not sure what that blossom is, could be apple?

    Allene…aren't they lovely though with all the rain they are looking a bit raggedy.

    Welcome Ellen….me too…always looking beyond.

    Thanky you Jaihn!

    and you PF…..

    Peace out.


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