It’s back to the routine…
after a most exquisite homecoming that lasted until yesterday when I had to go back to work.
Today I have to cook and I’m…
not nervous exactly but after eating some of the best food of my life this past week, I’m feeling a little…intimidated about getting back in the kitchen.
El Viejo has become a brilliant cook. I’m an ok cook, I cook peasant food, Puerto Rican peasant food. That’s good, it’s ok but add to that my ban on animal products and, well…

He’s unbelievably gracious and sweet and thankful but…

I need something to knit.

From Drop Box


  1. lentils and love and newly made art.

    well, that's a feast right there.

    beautiful work. the more you look, the more you see. love how the brushwork at the bottom echoes the vacant fish. and that little stripe of red is perfect.


  2. Any time anyone cooks a meal for me which is unfortunately rare, I want to fall on my knees and kiss their feet. Especially veggie food since I won't eat any other kind but that act of someone cooking? It kills me. And lentils and wonderful.


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