March 23, 2011

Last night in dream world my grandmother and i were driving to visit my daughter who took one look at my grandmother and ran off because my grandmother was so old and ugly.

i was really mad until i took a look at my grandmother and saw that she was a skeleton and then i wasn’t mad anymore just determined to catch up with my fleeing offspring.

it’s nestling in, this idea of getting old, the slow 
decline into decrepitude. i’m faced with it everyday
as my Mom slips slowly away and i see my grandmother’s face in the mirror. that’s me running in that 
dream as fast as my matronly legs will carry me and that’s
not my grandmother sitting there a bundle of bones in a dress.

i’m not having a face lift or a boob lift or wearing pink velour leggings and a tank top, but i’m not looking askance at anyone who does.

i get it. 


  1. “What does it feel like to be 64?” asks my 22 year old niece.

    “My body is older and sometimes betrays me, but in my mind, I'm still young, I'm still 22.”

    She looks as me with skepticism.

    I smile and say, “You'll understand when you're 64.”

    Oh, Yeah…I get it. And, as you say Ms. Moon, it's not easy.

    Yo….Beautiful, beautfiul art!! Love the rich, sand-gold color with the black. Poignant, sweet-sad.

    As always, thanks!


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