It’s been quiet and still on 

the ranch these mornings.

Lu plays at being a bunny in the tall grasses.

I’ve been stitching burlap into
a bag for my essentials.


and a basket to hold my stones.


  1. simply beautiful. all of it. like a breath released, like comfort. your sewn items are art and utility and meditation at the same time. looking at these pictures, i feel such peace.


  2. beauty beautybeautybeauty – your handwork, the words, the pictures, the poetry, and the basket to hold my stones, is a concept that just washed right over and through me, got inside.

    thank you for this.



  3. Hi! You don't know this but I think of you every day every day every day. I love that you have a basket to hold your stones. I have a bunch of beach glass on my desk at work also small pieces of driftwood and marbles rolling around. A basket is a grand idea what with my marbles being loose and all.


  4. Again, this reminds me of the tiny crocheted bags I made that were only big enough to hold my sorrows. Oh wait. There is no such thing.
    I think it was the ashes of my sorrows. I should have thought big enough to hold my stones. I am learning from you.
    Your pictures tug my heart into lace.


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