where are you summer?

It’s wintry cold here these days with the sun not showing up until late afternoon if at all.
I’ve got a new project going here and this morning I started meditating because it seems like a good idea and lo and below, it is. 
Our little trailer comes home today after having its insides and undersides given a good going over and if all goes as planned, we might be heading for the hills, lake, ocean or desert soon and for a long time. Well… not a long time but a few days at least.
Maybe we’ll find some summer. I know it’s out there somewhere.


  1. Our June in Northern CA feels like Spring. Very mild temps. We should have 80 to 85 degrees and we are in the 70's. Thankfully after the crazy rain we have sunshine!

    Summer is here …somewhere….


  2. Child- come to North Florida. We not only have plenty of room for you all and the trailer, we have enough summer for you and the entire world, too.
    And you can meditate in peace and all will be whatever you want it to be. I'll stay out of your business unless you want me to cook you something or direct you to the nearest cold spring.


  3. yay! i knew the camper would be in the works, anyway camping in the cold is way more fun than the heat.
    BC is open for business ya know.


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