That was my girl.

A long time ago.

When she was little she used to ask when would she be grown-up enough to move out and be on her own and we always said when you’re 36.

How were we to know we were seeing into the future?
I imagined that my parenting would be pretty much done by now. The real hands-on kind that is. I thought there would be phone calls and visits during Thanksgiving, then life took this sharp evil, bone crunching turn and I thought I’d never have any of that ever again and now life goes and takes another sharp turn. By now I know I need to fasten up my seat belt and breathe deeply instead of clenching up for the expected whack, not that any of that makes much of a difference, I’m still always always stunned by it.
Amazed at my own stupid surprise at anything that happens as I’ve been expecting it all along.
Turns out my baby is having a baby and both babies will most likely be living here under our little roof.  Turns out my hands aren’t done being on.  Not at all.
A baby.
Two babies.
Oh my.


  1. this could be wonderful. i felt a flutter of excitement for you and scott, so i'm going to say congrats. some part of it will be hard no doubt. the other part will be love. gosh. life gives no warning, does it?


  2. i couldn't figure out how to type what i felt when i read this and i've given up trying.

    i hope for health and goodness, for your girl and her baby and for you and scott.

    it's like one of the beautiful things you make, yolie. so many different parts making a whole.

    i hope for all the best. and strength.


  3. Stunning, as you say. Sure to be stunningly beautiful in unforeseen ways. Life after all! I feel for the convolutions of the ride you're on. It's never simple or how I imagine it to be. Many days leave me trying to catch up to what is happening.

    Glad you are in such beautiful company. Wishing you and yrs every blessing.
    love, mary


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