The old studio door.
I can hardly remember what that old studio looked like now. 
It was a hot mess I remember that. It started out as a dirt floor falling
down garage that was dark and stanky and scary to go into. 
For the last two or three weeks my two Ficus plants have been dropping 
leaves like they were fixing to die. It has slowed down to about two or three
leaves a day now. I don’t know what got them all worked up and carrying on 
that way but I’m glad they’ve settled down.
I’ve decided to spend as much of this day outdoors as possible. 
Here it is almost the end of summer and I’ve not spent more
than a few hours out in our yard all summer and it looks it too. 
Almost all the plums have fallen from the tree. I’ve made one plum cake and two
plum crisps. The rest have been eaten by critters, one of which I suspect is a bulldog, from 
the smell of things in the living room.


  1. I have never, ever been able to keep a ficus tree alive. I do not know why.
    I hope you got to spend some time outside today. It is good for the soul, as you know.


  2. ficus trees are finicky little bastards! I am amazed I've had these as long as I have. They aren't exactly thriving, just hanging on in spite of my benign neglect.

    I had a hard days labor outside and enjoyed it thoroughly!


  3. hahaha, that made me laugh, what you said about that plum eating bull dog.

    now enjoy your summer out doors, but correct me if I'm wrong but don't you guys get summer 10 months of the year in California?? that's how we see it from here anyway, the frozen north.

    love, d


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