The Crone’s Concoctions

I am still mostly pretending I don’t have a car and walking everywhere in town. 
Lu isn’t liking it much as the ranch is a drive away and when we set off for
a walk to the PO, the only one she can manage from the house, she pulls me towards
the truck and shoots laser beams of hate when I say “NO, it’s town or nothing”.
You’ve never seen such a put upon bulldog.
The wild fennel growing all over town is tall and about to give up it’s seeds 
which make a fine face wash if you have oily skin. I’ve been concocting creams of late. 
My skin has taken a turn. An ugly turn. 
I’m suddenly dealing with breakouts and bumps and having tried all 
sorts of store bought washes and getting no results I’ve decided to take 
matters into my own hands.  
Yesterday I re-made a batch of milk and honey face cream for
both washing and moisturizing. This second attempt yielded a much
better consistency, the first separating and having a gummy feel was tossed
down the sink. 
This new batch is not quite right either. The powdered milk didn’t 
dissolve completely so next time I’ll try cooking it longer or mashing
it up first.
I feel like Crone at her cauldron.
An acne prone crone.

I'm listening

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