I’ve been spending one day a week with my Em.
We go eat, we hit the thrift store and run errands
one of which is getting her nails done. It’s not
an errand for her but for me, well…
I sit there and take pictures… 

we go have tea at Linnea’s Garden Coffee House…

We talk, we laugh, we argue and roll our eyes at each other. We couldn’t be
more different but we also couldn’t love each other more.
After the last few years, to have arrived here where we are 
today is a gift I am forever grateful for.


  1. thank you all…
    Marylinn Kelly…your little yellow rabbit…makes me smile,yes, a happy heart.

    Ms Bobbi S…sending you good wishes and as always, enjoying your photos!

    Ms T. Lovely. lucky…that's just what I thought when I read your post about those men stopping in for a chat.

    thanks all!


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