this is where we ate this evening after watching Contagion. a movie made especially for the monk, the king of disaster scenarios.

Romans Restaurant and Bakery. I don’t recommend it for it’s food but the ambiance was superb. we were the only people in there other than the waitress and the cook.

three signs I saw today…

a proud peacock is tomorrow’s feather duster.


miss universe pageant wasn’t fair, only earth competed.


thank god for our father’s our soldiers and our veterans.


there was another one attributed to JFK I think.

something like…

forgive your enemies but remember their names.

novellas but there’s so much drama going on with my own familia that
these stories seem boring by comparison.

there have been storms.
beautiful and fierce.
y’all know how to have storms here.

thanks for all the well wishes.
ms moon and ms bones, we walk the same land and breathe the same
thick and soupy air.
I am reading you but can’t comment.

ms bones I’m thinking you are going to have the best time in Atlanta.
I know you will.

at the Walmart the other day there was a nun standing in front of the plastic produce bags
so I lightly touched her shoulder and said excuse me sister. she turned and looked alarmed and
I apologized telling her I didn’t mean to startle her and she said

“i thought you were having a vision
and I wanted to get in on it”

she was so funny and dear and she made me laugh and held my hand in hers and It made me
so happy. it made up for sister Mary Margaret making me kneel on salt in second grade for talking.

maybe that’s why I am not a talkative person.


I'm listening

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